Gautier XO

10 generations of savoir-faire and tradition are culminated in the Gautier XO Cognac, passing their knowledge down from father to son, preserving and enhancing their expertise while adding innovation with every branch of the family tree. This brilliant blend of eaux-de-vie has won countless awards, earning the prestigious title of World’s Best Cognac in 2015 at the World Cognac Awards.

What makes Gautier’s Cognac stand out from the rest is the cellars used for aging their Cognacs. Located in a former watermill above the river Osme, the cellars hold a natural humidity, which many say is the secret to producing a richer Cognac, producing round and complex flavors as the Cognac gradually absorbs the tannins from the traditional oak casks they are stored in.

This wonderful XO opens onto a predominantly floral bouquet, with warming toasted notes balanced by sweet vanilla and honey, the distinct “rancio” character permeates between these sumptuous scents. On the palate, the sweet hit of candied fruits immediately awakens the senses, with wood and vanilla rounding out the delicate fruit flavors. Some spices and peppery notes persist on the palate in a long and spicy finish. The finish is lasting and consistent, a true hallmark of high quality, well-aged Cognac.

Rs. 108,900.00


Alcohol :
Cognac   France   Gautier   

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