Dewars Bundle – C

Dewars Special Signature + Dewars Double Aged 18 Years

Actual Price = LKR 44,100  Bundle Offer = LKR 29,500

***Dear Customer,

Thank you for purchasing our Dewar’s bundle pack.

Dewar’s is one of the best whisky known internationally. However, we have bundled an attractive price to give the benefit of saving on each bundle because we have identified an issue with the cork breaking when one pulls the cap.

It’s not the case for all the bottles but it does happen to a few, in the event, please do not be alarmed. Be assured the quality of the whisky has not changed. Therefore, the taste, aroma, and finish are good as the day the bottled was corked.

The cork can be opened in any manner chosen by the customer and if you wish, you can transfer the nectar to a fresh bottle or a decanter.

All bundle packages are not exchangeable nor returnable for a cash refund.

Kindly acknowledge this disclaimer to complete your sale.

Rs. 42,550.00


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