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Cinzano Rosso - 750ML

Cinzano Rosso - 750ML
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A blend of high quality red wine and essences of herbs and spices, creating a delicate and balanced refreshing drink, a slight sweetness balances with herbal bitterness. Serve on its own or mixed.

Always serve chilled.
Around the world it is enjoyed neat over ice. A simple, yet delicious mix of Cinzano Rosso and apple juice with a dash of cinnamon is loved by all. It’s easy going with Cinzano – mix it up with your favourite mixer such as lemonade, juice or soda water.
Alternatively, get creative and try one of our recommended Rosso cocktails.

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LKR 1,990.00
Additional Information

Additional Information

Producer Cinzano
Per Pack 1
Type Wine
Varietal Vermouth
Vintage 2015
Region Piedmont
Country Italy
Tasting Cinzano Rosso is dark red in colour and wrapped in intense, yet delicious flavours.
It’s exciting, rich and daring.

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